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About the Artist

Sarah is a new talented artist based in Cambridge, UK. Despite being largely self taught and with a background in Biomedical research, Sarah paints the most beautiful abstract art with a mix of acrylic mediums.


A recent critique with the ICAC captures in words how Sarah expresses the most amazing creative flair through colour and style. Sarah creates paintings to adorn any room with charm and mystical contemplation. These are the most joyful paintings leaving the viewer intrigued to see where Sarah’s journey takes us next.

Critiqued by the International Confederation of Art Critics...

Sarah Cosford elegantly conveys her creative energy through an eloquent amalgamation of acrylic and spray paints with a refined process that allows her art to evolve via the engagement and interpretation of balanced textures and compositional elements. The playful approach to shape and subtle but expressive shades of colour delicately stimulate the viewer, who can perceive conceptual connections with Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko and some manifestations of Abstract Expressionism. Cosford innovatively translates her dreamy style via a passionate and avant garde relationship with her innate inventiveness, which creates a transformative ambience that manifests itself in the artist’s exquisite and tender affinity to her medium.

Read the whole critique here.

Based in Cambridge, UK

Tel: 07860622515

To paint left handed has been a challenge since I lost the functional use of my right hand, but all this has been made possible by my partner, I thankyou Nigel.

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